UWW Hosts Event Organization Workshop in Italy

By United World Wrestling Press

ROME, Italy (August 5th) – In continuation of United World Wrestling’s first Event Organization Workshop held in Panama City (21-24/01/2022) for the Americas, Italy hosted a similar workshop at the U17 Rome World Championships (22-25/07/2022). The workshop, which the UWW Sports Department conducted, was held to assist in educating the host cities for the upcoming World Championships, World Cups, and European and Asian Championships.  

United World Wrestling’s objective is to acknowledge tools and get a deep comprehension of the UWW Event Organization. This objective will help increase the quality of our competition's delivery and continue to ensure wrestling’s growth.

During the workshop, discussion topics included: the benefits of organizing an event, planning, bidding process, and functional areas, among many others. 

One differentiation from the workshop in Panama to the one held in Italy was the walk-through of the venue where the U17 World Championships were held.  

Also, one of the objectives is to encourage discussion among host NFs and share their experiences, especially with those that will host future events.

Participants from the Event Organization Workshop pose for a picture at the Palla Pellicone, the arena where the U17 World Championships were held. (Photo: United World Wrestling)

In addition to the arena work through and workshop, the participants had the chance to speak with the different commissions that were working at the event. These activities helped make the workshop more useful for all participants. 

Following the workshop's conclusion, participants completed a short survey, providing valuable feedback that’ll be utilized in the planning of UWW’s next Event Organization Workshop editions.  

 "I liked the positive energy of everyone who participated in the seminar. I also appreciated the group's interest and the instructor's willingness to help," one participant said. 

Thanks to the participant's experience, the open dialogues generated during the sessions benefited everyone. They showed different points of view while opening diverse discussions that will help in the decision-making process and organization of upcoming events.


UWW Hosts First-Ever Event Organization Workshop in Panama City

By United World Wrestling Press

PANAMA CITY, Panama (January 28) -- In Panama City from January 21 to 24, the first Event Organization Workshop organized by United World Wrestling Sports Department with the collaboration of the national Olympic Committee of Panama finalized successfully.

The workshop was aimed to the National Federations that plan to hold Continental Championships during 2022 and 2023.

“It is essential for the UWW to provide the tools and knowledge to our National Federations in order to increase the quality in the delivery of our competitions and continue to put Wrestling at the top. With the support of the local sports’ authorities and the dedication of my talented colleague Yuri Meier, this first workshop was a success” said Jean-Daniel REY, UWW Sports Director.  

Some of the topics discussed were the benefits of organizing an event, planning, bidding process, functional areas, among others.

The main focus of this Workshop is to work with the countries that have already been awarded as a host country for major events in the Americas in 2022, 2023, and potentially 2024. UWW wants to give the National Federations the tools and knowledge to deliver their events successfully and to provide a follow up with all them to assess and support them in the process.

Panama was strategically selected to host the workshop because it is a country with a lot of potential, its geographical location and the organizational level that has both the National Federation and the National Olympic Committee of Panama shown, was a key factor in the logistical aspect of the Workshop.

Attendees of the first-ever Event Organization Workshop stand together after the conclusion of the workshop. (Photo: United World Wrestling) 

Ms. Damaris YOUNG, President of the National Olympic Committee of Panama, was awarded the Golden Boot as a token of gratitude for her support and commitment to Wrestling in the continent.

Guillermo DIAZ GUTIÉRREZ, President of the Mexican Wrestling Federation and UWW Americas Executive Board member, expressed his satisfaction with the outcome of this first event, "This Workshop opens the way for us to continue to improve the organizing of national and international events, in addition to getting to know the new requirement and regulation of the organizations for our futures events", he affirmed.

The three facilitators who delivered the Workshop were Yuri MAIER, UWW Sports and Development Officer, Eduardo PEREZ TÉLLEZ, UWW Americas Event Manager, and Jesús SALAZAR GARDUÑO, UWW Americas IT Manager.

The Americas is the first continent to hold this Workshop, as part of a pilot project for host cities. The next Workshop will be held in Rome, Italy, where the U17 World Championships will take place. As in Panama, the National Federations participating will be the ones with future or potential events to host whether a Continental o World Championships.