China Establishes Capital University of Physical Education and Sports (CUPES) at BIIOS

By UWW Development

BEIJING, China (December 21) --- On the 50-day countdown to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, the Beijing Institute for International Olympic Studies (BIIOS) was officially established at the Capital University of Physical Education and Sports(CUPES). The BIIOS was approved and established by the Chinese government and was listed in the global research center directory of the IOC. The establishment of the BIIOS is a milestone for the development of China's Olympic education. In the future, it will be built as an important platform for the the Chinese sports spirit and the Olympic spirit.

At the unveiling ceremony,, ZHANG Xia United World Wrestling Bureau Member and president of the CUPES, invited important leaders from the Chinese sports circle and the education circle. Many overseas organizations and universities, including the Olympic Research Center of the IOC, the International Olympic Academy(IOA), the Russia International Olympic University (RIOU), and the German Sport University Cologne, also sent congratulations.

At the same time, when the BIIOS was established, the first important event was welcomed. National Youth Olympic Knowledge and Anti-doping Education Series sponsored by the Chinese Olympic Committee and undertaken by our university was grandly launched. This activity aims to spread the Olympic spirit to young people, and carries out anti-doping publicity. This is of great significance to the healthy development of sports in China and even in the world. 


UWW donates mats to Panama Wrestling Federation

By United World Wrestling Press

PANAMA CITY, Panama (June 16) -- United World Wrestling donated two new wrestling mats for the development of wrestling in Panama.

With excellent management from the Panama Olympic Committee and the Panama National Wrestling Federation, together with the Development Department of the UWW, these mats were delivered to Panama.

One of the mats was given to the Barraza Pitbull Club, affiliated with the Panama National Wrestling Federation, and to celebrate such an important contribution to sports development; the club held sports gathering with athletes from the provinces of Cocle, Colon, and Panama at the Jesus Master Gomez Gymnasium in the popular Barraza neighborhood in Panama City.

The new mat will be available for the benefit of children and young sportsmen and athletes of the community. President of the Panama Olympic Committee, Damaris Young was also present at the occasion.

The second donated mat was donated to the Provincial League of Herrera, which will make it available to the wrestlers of the region at the Pepe Osorio Gymnasium in Chitré.

These actions taken by the UWW are an incentive to continue promoting wrestling in countries that do not have significant development in the sport.

All mats in the development mat program are a benefit of the partnership between United World Wrestling and Taishan. For Taishan mats, please contact [email protected]