Benin Wrestling Federation Conducts Level 2 Course on Introduction of Refereeing and Wrestlers

By United World Wrestling Press

The Benin Wrestling Federation with the support of United World Wrestling (UWW) and the United Francophones Federations (UFFL) recently conducted a weeklong course for level 2 coaches on the introduction of refereeing and wrestlers. The courses launched May 17 at the  Auditorium Marius Francisco of CNOS-Ben and concluded May 29.

Twenty-eight participants, including four women, from all departments of Benin were able to build their competences around refereeing, coaching, preparation and development. Under the leadership of Vincent Aka and Christian Danga, two experts from United World Wrestling, these training courses offered the participants the opportunity to acquire new lessons to enrich their knowledge of Olympic wrestling.

At the opening ceremony, Benin Wrestling Federation President Yves Azifan spoke on the importance of the courses and promised to make it a real opportunity to boost the development of Benin wrestling.

"In view of the new sports policy defined above all with the will of the new Executive Committee, to set up a national technical direction, the Benin Wrestling Federation undertakes to make operational, all the referees and coaches who take part to this course for the promotion and the development of the Beninese fight," said Azifan.

Christian Danga situated the context in which these training course took place and invited the beneficiaries to make the most of them. 

"This training should not take place. We really had to stand up and say something had to be done. Because right now the corona is there and always proves everyone right not to work. The whole point is not to come and think about getting a diploma and going home. We want people who work. What are you going to do with what you are going to receive? We cannot talk about development without training. When we train, it's to develop. If people don't develop, it's absolutely no use."

Fernando Hessou, secretary general of the Benin National Olympic and Sports Committee, spoke on the importance of the training and instruction. 

"From now on we must make the development of skills our leitmotif," said Hessou. "No one will receive training and go to sleep on their laurels. It's over! We are fortunate to have experts who are our brothers and friends, who are ready to give us everything so that we have well-trained referees and coaches, people capable of investing in schools, rural areas, to find us wrestlers who will bring back medals. We have beaches. The whole south is covered with beaches. So, it's a chance to have experts like them, by focusing on training, it's wanting to move forward, ”

On behalf of the Minister of Sports, Christophe Nonvignon Okry invited the participants to attend and participate in a spirit of participation. 

"I must congratulate you on the chance to have them both at the same time for about a week. You should take advantage of this incredible chance that you have two experts. You should do everything to get the most out of them. You have to stay focused enough, get attached to what you are here for. Do not leave here with any doubts whatsoever ... No doubt should remain from the moment you have this chance. You should do everything to ensure that at the end of the roll, Benin can qualify athletes directly to the Olympic Games, "he said.


UWW donates mats to Panama Wrestling Federation

By United World Wrestling Press

PANAMA CITY, Panama (June 16) -- United World Wrestling donated two new wrestling mats for the development of wrestling in Panama.

With excellent management from the Panama Olympic Committee and the Panama National Wrestling Federation, together with the Development Department of the UWW, these mats were delivered to Panama.

One of the mats was given to the Barraza Pitbull Club, affiliated with the Panama National Wrestling Federation, and to celebrate such an important contribution to sports development; the club held sports gathering with athletes from the provinces of Cocle, Colon, and Panama at the Jesus Master Gomez Gymnasium in the popular Barraza neighborhood in Panama City.

The new mat will be available for the benefit of children and young sportsmen and athletes of the community. President of the Panama Olympic Committee, Damaris Young was also present at the occasion.

The second donated mat was donated to the Provincial League of Herrera, which will make it available to the wrestlers of the region at the Pepe Osorio Gymnasium in Chitré.

These actions taken by the UWW are an incentive to continue promoting wrestling in countries that do not have significant development in the sport.

All mats in the development mat program are a benefit of the partnership between United World Wrestling and Taishan. For Taishan mats, please contact [email protected]