ASOIF: IFs discuss sustainability, development and education initiatives at ASOIF Forum

By United World Wrestling Press

LAUSANNEE, Switzerland (May 31) --- United World Wrestling's Development Director Deqa Niamkey led the ASOIF’s Forum on Sustainability, Development and Education (ASDEG) in Lausanne last week. Here's what ASOIF.com said about the event

Experts from 27 International Federations (IFs) governing Olympic summer and winter sports gathered this week at ASOIF’s Forum on Sustainability, Development and Education (ASDEG). The event was held on 24 and 25 May in Lausanne, Switzerland, led by the Chair of ASOIF’s ASDEG Group Deqa Niamkey from United World Wrestling (UWW).

For the first time, the Forum addressed the important field of sustainability which had been added recently to the group’s portfolio. The International Olympic Committee introduced the topic and shared best practice. World Sailing presented their Agenda 2030, an ambitious sustainability strategy that covers environmental, economic and social aspects. The International Hockey Federation offered insights into how an IF can kick-start the sustainability initiatives at an early stage.

After the pandemic had forced a two-year pause of the Forum, the participants also discussed how COVID-19 has changed their ways of working. UWW presented how the global health crisis has helped their federation embrace online education and showcased a number of online interactive tools, which are accessible to all sports. Meanwhile, World Curling shared how they financed education modules by offering online training courses for an enrolment fee to future umpires and ice technicians.

Deqa Niamkey said during the Forum: "After two years of pandemic, it was great to meet all the IF colleagues in person again at the Forum. We had insightful exchanges on the common challenges we have been facing. I am glad to see that more and more IFs are eager to work together on these important topics and I am looking forward to even more collaboration in the future."

Another important topic on the Forum’s agenda: how to optimise the support to National Federations (NFs). World Rugby introduced their benchmarking tool that has helped them to distribute funds to their member federations. The Badminton World Federation presented their targeted funding models driven by NF assessment data.

Representatives from Olympic Solidarity also joined in to give an update on their 2021-2024 Plan and the global development programmes. 

Organised annually, the Forum facilitates a united approach of a large number of IFs in the implementation of their projects in the fields of sustainability, education and development. This allows efficiencies in terms of human and financial resources, ensures a certain consistency across the sports and thereby maximises the impact of the related IF activities overall.

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Women in Sport: Coaches begin the WISH Programme

By United World Wrestling Press

London, England (August 22) – Women in Sport High-Performance Pathway (WISH) kicked off the first edition of the programme on 23 May.  WISH was designed to equip women coaches with the potential and ambition to gain roles at elite coaching levels within their sports. The programme is specifically designed to help coaches develop their sport-specific skills, leadership skills and behaviors and build confidence. United World Wrestling is participating along with seven other IF’s and is being supported by Olympic Solidarity, the University of Hertfordshire, and Females Achieving Brilliance (FAB).

United World Wrestling selected three coaches to participate in the first edition. Those coaches include Martine DUGRENIER (CAN), Aline DA SILVA (BRA) and Carissa HOLLAND (AUS). They recently had the opportunity to attend the Residential Session at the University of Hertfordshire (August 14-20).  “The WISH Programme was really well conducted," said Carissa Holland. "We not only learn about leadership qualities and skillsets, but I learned a lot about myself (especially coming out of the recent Commonwealth Games in Birmingham).”  

The residential session was a weeklong event where the coaches attended working sessions and participated in learning activities with the 24 other coaches in attendance.  Some of the key learning points included leadership skills, creative problem-solving, creating connections, mindset, having uncomfortable conversations and visualizing the future, among many other topics.

Participants of the WISH programme gather for a photo. (Photo: United World Wrestling)

“The residential week was great. We had the opportunity to meet great people all around the world and learned from experienced well accomplished people," said Aline da Silva. "It was very inspiring. I have learned to embrace a leadership role, to empower others and enjoy the journey! I’m excited to see where the program will lead me over the next 20 months,” said Martine Dugrenier. “The week was more than I expected; I shared a lot with the coaches and improved my knowledge about my leadership. I came back home excited to improve all I learned there and keep the connections.”

The WISH Programme is a 21-month programme.  These coaches will continue meeting with the WISH Leadership Team and work with their leadership mentors and sport-specific mentors.  WISH was originally piloted as the WSLA High-Performance Coach Programme.

UWW participated in the original pilot program with four coaches. After a successful experience, the WISH Programme was developed and expanded to include participation by more International Federations.  UWW has renewed its participation in the outstanding programme.